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One plus one
1+1 is 2 I know
And 2+2 is 4
But I tried to add 1+1 to get us
And I kept on getting 1.
I'm a geek, a nerd, love, so when I try
To use πr^2 to find the area of your heart
Forgive me when I fail at the math
(or is it the match that's failing?) and I get ∞
Again and again
And please remember
That I use f(x)=x/2+ 5 to find myself
(The 5 is months and the 2 is years)
But I'm as confused as you must be right now
When you say something as simple and profound as
"We're holding hands at 78°!"
And you manage to stop my mind
In using A(+)= Ao (1+ r/n)^n1 to determine
The progression of how far I'd go
If you so much as desired a rose.
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Hey, dancer
Do you ever listen to the music
In your head?
Or just in your ears?
The music and movement of your body
So matches the music of your heart
Like a harmony.
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This is for the Girl
This is for the girl
Who's either Christian or depressed
Or both – one over the other
Like  PBJ on whole wheat bread – whole morals.
Yet, falling asleep is just like dying when you're all alone
So what do you say
She says
To the boy after school
(or he says to her, because he knows
Like he knows where she keeps the
-scissor- blades so her parents can't
No they  can't stop her)
What do you say
She says
She says
Come over and sleep with me
He walks in and sees now
Sees where she hides her tools
And sees what her tools produce
She sits like a mermaid on the bed when he asks
When he implores and begs for
A picture, a picture of her in all her broken beauty
Almost naked in body and soul she sits
So she won't be sleeping alone.
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I am a shadow of my former self, the girl who would stand on the pew and break out into a song of passion and beauty. I am not who I wish to be – running or walking the streets of the city, the cities, without anyone knowing who I am or who I was or anything about me other then the reflection they perceive from the streetlights reflecting on the puddles and through the rain to my face that is filled with peace and serenity and maybe a touch, a smidge, of loneliness – but they will be moving too fast to see, to know if I was in fact a reflection of their own selves or a ghost from their past. I am the girl who is not Christian but depressed none the less – the one who has PBJ on whole wheat bread morals. Don't tell me not to fly, because I have to fly away above the trim cut lawns of this place, I have to be FREE to be ME. I have no desire to be pinned down and told what to do, yet time and time again I let myself be tied down. I am NOT who you want me to be, I am who I w
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Cons Are
Cons are freedom in belief and expression. Cons are community; they are having lunch on busy sidewalks in New York City. Cons are friendship, talking to everyone you meet, smiling at the expressionless girl walking down the hallway at 2:30 am and then honesty, when you say that you love her for her. Cons are dancing alone in front of your mirror with a hairbrush in your hand, only doing that in a room full of almost professional dancers, and feeling like you're as good as they are. Cons are watching closely, listening hard, growing more in every way with each tear and desperate hug. Cons are, in and of themselves, hugs – support and love, connection between others who, when not at cons, are not necessarily understood as who they are in their own body and way. Cons are falling in love for the first time, or for the fourteenth time, or for the time after that. Cons are keeping people guessing, praying, hoping, laughing, having a good time and being strong for the first time. Cons ar
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Mature content
Unique :iconfirefolk:Firefolk 0 0
This is for the Girl 2
This is for the girl
Who's either Christian or depressed
Or both – one on top of the other
Like a PBJ on whole wheat bread – whole morals
This is for the boy
Who creates like a mother creates rag dolls
Stitching hopes and tears together with longing
This is for the girl
Who says to the boy after school
Who knows where she keeps the scissor blades
Because she knows where he keeps
The needle and thread.
She says, he says that he loves me
But I want to live before I die.
She says, sleep with me tonight, boy
You know me.
He says, he begs, he implores for a picture
In her black and white photograph room
This is for the girl
Who sits in frozen splendor
On her bed like a mermaid
With broken eyes
This is for the boy
Who takes the picture
Of the girl who's either Christian or depressed
Or both – one on top of the other
Like a PBJ on whole wheat bread – whole morals.
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Try Again
This is for the girl that I find each morn'
Crying in the English stairwell alone
With naught but her bag and a look forlorn
Ask, she'll claim she has nothing to bemoan
But the white wall betrays her emotion
The school's soul, heartlessly painted over
The respected wall, bathed in devotion
The school of the gods, brick wall enslaver.
Long the students wandered, lost and alone
The Wall, alas! The Wall, our school's ink soul
They were lost without a place of their own
So we compromised; got over the knoll.
So let it be known far and wide
The Wall is back again, we have our pride!
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Would You Notice
You know, it'd probably help sales a lot if it was a decent temperature outside. But instead, it's effing 26.5 degrees – WARM for winter, I suppose – and my sales are kerplunk. Just…down the tubes, gone, vanishéd. So freaking annoying….
Kinda like that time when Mezë thought it'd be a good idea to use a hot air balloon to advertise and it got stuck and hit an electrical pole and blew up. My sales went kerplunk after that, too.
Oh, hey, when did you get here?? Hello, may I sell you a car? No…you're here for an interview?? For a job? Ah…haha…hahahahahaha! *gasp* hahahahahaha!! *wheeze* Oh c'mon, what's that look for? You think I'm joking? I can't afford to hire anyone! I'm the only one working here anymore! Yeah, me.  Lost and lonely me, Perdit Alala. Don't make any jokes, I know – my name, right? "Alala? Like the hymn?" Well, yeah. How do you think it got its name? My great great grandfather – know what, I can tell you're
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Paper Breathes
Paper breathes, lifting its voice above the hustle and bustle of school
Where it's hated and adored by all, neither impartial to the other
The chalk is gone, replaced by white boards and markers
The transparencies have fled, replaced with projectors and computer screens
But the paper stays, sharing itself with the computer's keyboard
The pens and pencils cling tightly to it when they are finally reunited again.
The sharpies cry out in pain when they are dragged across the brick
Their purpose and existence for this, agony filled as it is.
They much more kindly welcome the paint and skin they now face
Happy to do their calling once more.
:iconfirefolk:Firefolk 0 0
Endless Night
I do not believe that you believe that I have free will.
I do not believe that you believe that I know what I am doing.
I taste like apples because I want to, because I am V-A-R-I-E-T-Y spelled out
Like an apple orchard in the prime of fall (It's fall, not autumn, because autumn's too fancy.)
I am a big girl now, no more crying over scraped knees and bruises
They still hurt but they aren't what can make me freeze, feel numb and
en-un-ci-ate ev-er-y wor-d li-ke it-s the on-ly wa-y to t-a-l-k.
Because I'm able to pick my fights.
When I help people, my leaves dance – I know what love is, why the rains come and why I love the sun
I change their lives, I like to think
It's what keeps me going at night when it's 1 AM and there's no hanging up
Because to hang up would be to fall asleep
And to fall asleep is to die.
So, when I do hang up, let it be said
That when I fell asleep
In the end, when my eyes were tucking themselves in
I helped you. Don't leave out the part where I kissed your no
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How To Write A Poem
When I write, I bleed
The words slowly drip out onto the paper, starting with
(Something personal), of course, follows closely after.
The big words, they come out of me like a fast exhale – I smile when I am done, it, it is
A literary orgasm.
I don't edit my poems when I write them, so they taste like apples
Sometimes with a hint of nutmeg, sometimes cinnamon and sugar, sometimes caramel
But when other people read them…I don't know what they taste like to them, most of the time
Why should I know?
Why should I care?
It's a poem, my orgasm of words and feelings, I own it.
Yet when I talk, I cover up – wear band-aids and wrappings
Not because it disturbs me, understand, but because it disturbs them –
Like a line that's drawn in ash and blood
I'm scared to step over – it protects everyone from me
So I stand up and totter nervously wherever I'm about to go
I look at my destination and freeze, my heart pumping words
But I cann
:iconfirefolk:Firefolk 1 3
Envy the Rain
I'm a straygirl, one word, running away in my mind
but sitting so obediently in class as I can bear
my feet don't pound the pavement through the pouring rain
that lets itself go with a fury I can relate to
Instead my feet move from the metal desk rungs
to the floor, to twitching in the air
my legs crossed primly.
I am the model of a perfect student and child
if you don't look too closely, too long, too much.
I bring home A's and B's, yet read, draw, write and sleep through my classes.
I play many instruments, yet fight with my parents.
I am a good girl, yet contain myself.
Don't you envy the rain?
Its ability to fall how it may with none controlling it
to love whomever it will
I am a straygirl, straygirl, one word
running away in my mind
to and from the places I fear
:iconfirefolk:Firefolk 2 0
I'm feeling like I'm worth less than what's needed
but you close your ears to me,
which makes it all the worse.
How does it feel when I'm so mad I'm swearing
every other word to keep from crying-
-or to help it-
-it's hard to tell now.
How does it feel to know that I just can't stand you anymore?
12.--(Complete the sentence)--
My mind betrays me
and my heart hates me
and sometimes, you're the only thing
a)that seems worth it anymore
b)that might be worth it anymore
c)worth it anymore
d)all of the above
Yet despite you and everything, I'm an exception to your rule.
How does that happen,
again and again and again?
Rules are silly, I don't FIT rules, they fit me like a baggy pair of guy jeans from the salvo down the street
But again...
Sometimes I'm scared you're a repeat, a version 1.0 with a 2.0 sticker slapped on
But then...
you say you drink half and half
you say you liked Rock-a-doodle
you say something, anything **NEW**
so I hold a little tighter than I might have meant to.
:iconfirefolk:Firefolk 1 2
Mature content
Ivatala's War :iconfirefolk:Firefolk 0 2
To be said
There's a friend of mine who I think you should meet
She's really quite a cool person, I think you'll agree
She always dresses very neat
Her head and her heart are all intertwined
She has pretty blond hair and a pretty pixie face
She loves style and words
Her sense of humor is wry and witty, dark and light
She'll be there for you if you need her
Just give her a hug each time you see her (and she lets you)
She's a wondrous friend and a wondrous girl
Though I don't think she sees it.
I'm running out of words to describe this fae
for what can I say that hasn't already been said
:iconfirefolk:Firefolk 1 2

Random Favourites

Every time I read those words I cry and cry
Because those are all things I have said to you
If they weren’t said they were felt
You were my good morning and goodnight
You were my hugs and kisses, my Xs and Os
You were my lover and my best friend
You were my late night phone calls
And my paragraph after paragraph long letters
You were the one to warm me up
And the one to calm me down
My shoulder to cry on
And my person to cuddle
You were the one that put those smiles on my face
And you were the one who kept me warm
You were the one who tried your hardest to see me
You were the one who cared the most
But now I don’t know what to do
I truly do miss you
But I have been replaced
She is the one you love
And it’s the worst feeling ever
To know that she calls you at night
She loves you and hugs you
She is yours and you are hers
She has taken my place
And I cant stand to hear about her
I hate reading her words
I hate knowing you love her
And I hate seeing her in your arms
When th
:iconborn2loveand2beloved:born2loveand2beloved 5 13
Choose to Become Gay by Norumu
Reasons to Choose to Become Gay
1) To become rejected by society.
2) To have multiple groups against myself.
3) To raise risks of being physically harmed.
4) To raise risks of being mentally harmed.
5) To have less rights in the states.
6) To risk loosing family support.
7) To risk loosing friends.
8) To risk loosing chances at good jobs.
9) To get flamed for being a flamer.
10) To be a large target for rude jokes.
11) To be described as animals to others.
12) To be talked about as things among the law.
13) To raise my chance of being lead toward suicide.
14) To lose my chance at a rightful marriage.
15) To hide myself from everyone else.
Who wouldn't choose to be gay?!
:icondapride:dapride 1,162 1,025
First time making love
Trembling lips gently graze
while soft hands explore
stimulating me,
for whats in store
A trail of kisses
Down the small of my back
Enticing me,
My body reacts.
A brush of fingertips
Gently trace every outline
Melting me,
With love undefined
Heartbeats accelerate together
Racing at new speeds
Hypnotizing me,
Desire succeeds
Bodies embracing one another
A sharing of heart and soul
Filling me,
Making me whole
Sensuality ignited by every touch
Bonding through love and lust
Giving me
An exchange of trust
Minds losing innocence
Trusting and loving the best we can
Accepting me,
For who I am.
Embraces of more than flesh
in our romantic pantomime
this is to me
Making love for the first time
:iconsinginchic7:Singinchic7 287 232
When We Were Young by Larissa-Bright When We Were Young :iconlarissa-bright:Larissa-Bright 10 33 Dressss UP of WEirdness-QUAck by Senkora Dressss UP of WEirdness-QUAck :iconsenkora:Senkora 41 48 Skittle Doll by its-jst-me Skittle Doll :iconits-jst-me:its-jst-me 40 29 Harry Potter: Umbrella (updated) by daekazu Harry Potter: Umbrella (updated) :icondaekazu:daekazu 24,006 2,435 Max's Flock by Echo-138 Max's Flock :iconecho-138:Echo-138 151 74 Picture Perfect Bella-Edward by neo-solaris Picture Perfect Bella-Edward :iconneo-solaris:neo-solaris 311 70 In Pieces by neo-solaris In Pieces :iconneo-solaris:neo-solaris 236 70 howl and calcifer by mayukichan howl and calcifer :iconmayukichan:mayukichan 2,117 224 - will you set me free- by Lasaro - will you set me free- :iconlasaro:Lasaro 6,679 546




United States
I like to think I'm crazy, but I also like to think that people who think they're crazy are really sane, and it's the sane people are are actually insane. I swear it makes sense. I have a wonderful "sister" who is my kitty (as i am hers) have a couple dozen minions (MINON! MINE!) a LARPing group (*HEALHEALHEEEEEEAL!*) a maaajor issue with loose ends, crazy tied sneakers, an adorable dog and boyfriend, and some kick ass awesome friends who i LOVE!
I <3 reading insanely and nicknamed myself a bookwitch (there is a bookwizard who exists as well and he is amazing and a great friend ^^)

I am just back to dA after a long long break, because it hurt to be on here. I am hoping that this will change and that I will enjoy this as much as I used to.

Peace, Love, Books and Music...

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Folk, good pop, alternative, whatever you want me to listen to
Favourite photographer: GoldenTriforce
Favourite style of art: expressive
Shell of choice: Cowrie
Wallpaper of choice: One with drawings on it
Skin of choice: Uncut
Personal Quote: Yes, I know I'm crazy. Why do you ask?
I am entertained by myself.

I'm on dA (officially) again, perhaps just for today, though I am *always* logged on and looking and reading, I just stopped commenting. I love your work, all of it. I am so impressed by the people around me, their art. I can go up to each of you and say I love your unique style, your imagination, your colors and designs and creativity and all of your characters and so much more. I love your metaphors, your similes, your punctuation. But I can't say it to you, and I'm sorry.

I've been doing slam poetry, and it's wonderful and fun.
I'm in college. It's so much better than high school.

I miss people.

Compliments and love,

  • Listening to: Flogging Molly
  • Reading: Neverwhere
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: with hearts
  • Eating: Nut-thins and cheeeeeeese
  • Drinking: OJ



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